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Aiming to Meet the Needs

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Medicinal Chemistry

Defining Your Strategy

The goal of every medicinal chemist and drug discovery team is to deliver a molecule that is competent enough to test out a clinical hypothesis in humans. Whilst there is never a guarantee of success, having a well defined medicinal chemistry strategy is a critical component of any successful drug discovery effort. At the early stages, the selection of chemical starting points often determines the probability of failure or success. Using an issue-driven SAR strategy will help transform your Hits into quality Leads. During the optimisation phase and arguably earlier, teams should be focussed upon finding molecules which are optimal for testing in people. If you need assistance with any area of medicinal chemistry strategy, please contact Nick.     

Drug Discovery Partnerships

Expanding Your Network

Due to the high costs and unpredictable nature of drug discovery, pharmaceutical companies need to continue to seek partners outside of their walls. Many complimentary organisations exist to provide an outstanding source of cutting edge technologies and innovation. There are huge opportunities for pharma and drug discovery partners  to work together with the goal of delivering the next generation of medicines. A significant challenge is to find overlapping and complimentary research expertise and opportunities. If you need help with business development or finding appropriate contacts and potential collaboration partners, please contact Nick. 

Disruptive Technologies

Innovation is Key To Success

There has never been more pressure upon the drug discovery industry. Patients need new and improved medicines and we need more cost effective and efficient ways to deliver them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging and potentially disruptive technology within drug discovery. AI and machine learning offers ways to identify biological targets and networks with better connectivity to disease. In addition AI has the potential to identify novel candidate molecules in silico and significantly reduce the time and cost of medicinal chemistry in the laboratory. These AI based technologies coupled with automated synthesis will be game changing in the industry. If you would like to discuss opportunities to explore such disruptive technologies, please contact Nick.    

About Nick

Dr Nick Camp is a medicinal chemist with 25 years drug discovery experience gained within major pharma and biotech. As a group leader at Eli Lilly he drove the diversification of the UK chemistry group resulting in a significant increase in portfolio deliverables for the department, including multiple clinical candidates. During his time in biotech, Nick was involved in a successful collaboration that delivered the Factor Xa clinical compound LY517717 involving one of the earliest fragment based design approaches. He has extensive project leadership experience having worked across all phases of pre-clinical drug discovery and is recognised for developing future leaders. Nick helped to enhance links between Academia and Pharma through his role as Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Southampton. He has a good track record of publications including, 14 scientific publications and 11 patents.

Expertise: Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry Strategies, Project Leadership, Project Management, Enzyme inhibitors, SBDD, FBDD, Issue-driven and Multi-dimensional SARs, Virtual Libraries, Artificial Intelligence, Lead Optimisation, Hit to Lead, Early Portfolio, Target Validation, Staff Development and Mentorship.

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